Back in July my husband Tanner and I ventured to Chicago to stay with my lovely cousin Leah. It was a fantastic trip and it was great to have my best friend Paisley and her hubby Claudio join us on the adventure.

We got to enjoy a Cubs game, colder weather, Chicago deep dish pizza, good drinks, long walks, and great shopping. Plus there were beautiful hydrangeas and other lovely flowers all over the city.

We really were living in the moment while we were on vacation, so sadly some of our favorite parts of the trip weren’t captured. We went to this fantastic taco restaurant named Big Star in Wicker Park. They had to die for tacos and margaritas that could compete with the best. We also went to this fun bar called the Boiler Room and enjoyed lots of laughs and memories.

Though we missed out on some of the highlights, here are little snapshots of our adventure that weekend!

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Photo Credit: Tanner Colley – Film

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Photo Credit: Tanner Colley – Film

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Photo Credit: Tanner Colley – Film

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Photo Credit: Tanner Colley – Film

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Photo Credit: Tanner Colley – Film


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Photo Credit: Paisley Vallejo

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We had such an amazing time in the windy city and definitely plan on going back one day.

Peace and Love,


We are only a few days away from embarking on our trip to Chicago with our dear friends Paisley & Claudio.

To kickstart the excitement here are some tunes that are truly getting me in the mood to do a lot of walking, shopping, and eating.


P.S. the Lorde and Ellie Goulding songs aren’t on spottily. So hit up iTunes to hear them!

Bright Sun Shiny Day

I’ve been talking about intentional and authentic living all week. Choosing to live well through all the aspects of my life is something I truly care about.

One thing I am seeking to grow more in is Joy.

Happiness depends on circumstances, but Joy is something that you carry within your spirit. It’s an unwavering gift given to us by The Father. So often I find that my joy is stolen away when perfection, comparison, and bitterness creep in.

Joy, thankfulness, and selflessness go hand in hand. When we stop focusing on negative things (and ourselves) our mood lightens up and our spirit is brightened with each passing moment.

We have to be a people who are less insecure and be a people focused on spending quality time with our creator. We have to know who we are in order to bring love, joy, and peace to others. Psalm 16:11 says, “In your presence is fullness of joy.”  That’s where I NEED to be.

I want to bring more joy into my marriage, my friendships, my work place, and to the random strangers I meet on the street.

Go into this weekend full of expectation and wonder! Seek hope and joy in all that you do and carry a smile with you wherever you go.

Happy Friday Y’all


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-Pinions & Lace

Lemon Water

I have always loved drinking water. I’ve never been a big fan for sugary cokes or tea. However, I know that for most people drinking regular H2O isn’t all that simple.

According to studies 75% of American’s are chronically dehydrated – yikes!

Dehydration does a lot more harm to your body than you think. It can cause digestive disorders, fatigue, asthma, allergies, joint stiffness, and high cholesterol.

Anyways, let’s talk about lemon water and why you need to start drinking it NOW!

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You should drink warm lemon water every single morning! I add water to my electronic kettle every night before I go to bed. After I shower I head over to the kitchen to boil my water. Now, I am pretty sensitive to heat so I never fully boil my water.

While I am waiting for the water to get to the desired temperature I cut up my lemon.  I normally squeeze half of a lemon into my cup. I also recommend using a straw, because having all that acid directly on your teeth every morning can wear on your enamel.

To add even more benefits to your drink add 1/8 tsp. of organic cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper will heat up your body and increase your metabolism. It’s a great and SAFE way to get rid of toxins and lose weight.

My intentional living challenge for the day is to go one full week drinking warm lemon water every morning. I promise you that you will feel and see the difference it makes!

Grab a cute mug and enjoy!

– Pinions and Lace



Choosing to live a healthy eating lifestyle has it’s difficult moments when your favorite food is chips, queso, and salsa. I mean come on, who doesn’t love deep fried goodness dipped in cheese?

Anyway, at the beginning of our marriage we lived in Boulder, Colorado. The way people think about food their is very different than the South. There was access to so much more organic choices and we were informed on the dangerous effects that sugar and GMO’s have on our bodies.

Our bodies are a temple. We should treat them as such.

One thing I always here from my friends when we are discussing eating organically is “It costs to much.” It really saddens me that we so easily believe the lies food corporations have told us. There can be some sacrifice when it comes to eating naturally, however would you knowingly ingest harmful chemicals into your body. I hope not, because you are worth more than that.

One that you should always buy organic is produce. There is a list called the “Dirty Dozen” which refers to all the fruits and veggies that should NEVER EVER be bought unless they are organic. They will contain harmful pesticides and chemicals.

My intentional living challenge for the day is for you to eat entirely organic for one day! Here are some tips and recipes I think you will find easy AND delicious!


1 // When at your natural grocery store look for the sale items! Don’t feel the need to have to buy the most expensive things. They have clearance items just like any other store!

2 // Go in with the attitude that your putting great things into your body. You wouldn’t wear a horrible outfit just because it was a cheaper purchase. Invest well into yourself!

3 // Get informed about local farmer’s markets in your area. We buy from Bountiful Baskets! It is so much cheaper and we you should have a lot of fun being involved in a local community of people with the same ideas as you!


Breakfast // Organic Eggs, Toast, and Almond Butter. Buy Rudi’s Organic Whole Wheat Bread

Lunch // Grilled Avocado with Melted Cheese & Hot Sauce

Dinner // Portabello Mushroom Pizza

If you would like more information about easy ways to eat organic and how sugar affects the body I would love to talk to you about it. Comment below and we can chat!

Also check out Food Babe’s list on How To Eat Organic on A Budget


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-Pinions & Lace



We live in a culture of busy, rushed, depressed, and disconnected people. We struggle more than ever before in choosing what to do with our time and resources and so many things seem as though they demand our immediate attention.

I have felt this struggle come back into my life again. Instead of taking each day for the blessing it is I feel rushed and disconnected from the things I truly have passion about. Life is going by quickly and it seems that time is always slipping away.

Instead of continuing on this path I am back to intentional and authentic living. Intentionally pursuing relationships with those I cherish. Being intentional with my health, mind, body, and spirit.

Intentional living helps lay a foundation of what is in priority in your life. Rather than feeling like you are missing the mark, you have carefully chosen what is most important to you.

One thing I am seeking to grow intentionally in is thankfulness.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 says “Give Thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” Ouch.  I tend to read that “Give thanks in all the circumstances that aren’t difficult, for that is the easy way to live.” In reality I go through parts of my day moaning and groaning, barely hanging on.

Intentionally choosing to be thankful has given me a new perspective on difficult situations and has given me a new appreciation for the people who I love and cherish.

Living a life full of thankfulness brings more hope, love, and joy to each day.

What do you want to be more thankful for?

– Pinions & Lace

1 Thessalonians 5:18 Thankful Stretched Canvas

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The first of April was a really beautiful day. It happened to fall on Taco Tuesday which is easily one of the best days of the week. I mean who doesn’t love dollar taco’s from Qdoba?

In Texas we get about two, maybe three weeks of decent weather between Winter and Summer so Tanner and I took advantage of the lovely evening and strolled around for an hour.

We have been in such transition for so long and I believe the pieces of the puzzle are finally going together.

For those of you in transition, hard times, or the best times in your life, sometimes you need to bake some cookies, drink some tea, and enjoy your time with the ones you love.

It helps when you have the cutest tea set around.


On the Horizon

I’ve missed you friends. It’s been a crazy ride these past few weeks. We have been so busy getting our new apartment all cozy, making new friendships, going to surprise parties, and playing a lot of music! Spring is just around the corner which means everything good is about to start. Spring/Summer movie blockbusters are on their way, tank tops, iced tea, pastels, rain storms (or at least we hope in our Stage 5 drought), and lots & lots of dresses.

Even though we are going into a new season, these past few months have been so full of growth and new awakenings that I almost don’t want to leave it.  Our small group has been reading Daring Greatly by Brené Brown. Daring Greatly is a book on the challenges we face from shame and vulnerability. For so much of my life I have made decisions based on the fear of being rejected or looked down upon. I have kept myself from truly diving into friendships because of lack of trust that stemmed from past experiences.

One of  my best friends Claire moved across the country in January and my best friend Leah is leaving in May as well. In the past I would have shut down and gone into “protection” mode so it wouldn’t hurt as bad. I also would have pushed new friendships away because the thought of more people leaving was just to  much.

That was the past though. Through a lot of healing and revelations I can honestly say I am walking in a more truer identity of myself than ever before. Instead of pushing away I have been loving deeper, connecting, and seeing each relationship (no matter how small of time together) as a treasure. I am so thankful for being able to practice vulnerability with friends in our small group like Donna, Julie, Gabriella, Sherry, Dodie, and Julia. It’s a true blessing being to be on this adventure of freedom with you!

What’s on the horizon for me is fresh, new, and exhilarating. Life is so much more than I ever expected.

-Pinions and Lace

P.S. now that I am out of this Winter slump, stay tuned for lots of updates, pics, & tea times. Oh and I am totally in love with these new specs I got from



Today marks the 3rd Anniversary of my journey of overcoming my binge/bulimia eating disorder. It marks the last day I ever forced myself to be sick and I’m so thankful of where I am today. Now this doesn’t mean my struggle is over, but it means I’m winning the fight.

No one really talks about eating disorders and the pressures of beauty, worthiness, and acceptance we (and men) feel. Now we can all point our fingers at magazines, celebrities, and Victoria Secrets super models, but it’s much more than that. Somewhere when we are young we are told something that alters the way we see ourselves. We are told lies. Lies that root themselves into our system that say we aren’t enough. It’s not the truth though.

The truth is we are all beautiful. We are all worthy. We are all smart. We are all unique.

Join me on a journey where instead of spreading hate, we spread love. We spread encouragement. We create beauty. We look for the gold in others rather than all the flaws.

Spend time in the quiet. Remember who you are and who determines your worth. It’s not you, your parents, your boss, your significant other. It’s Jesus.

You are beautiful.

You are worthy.

You are smart.

You are loved.